Listening with Intention

When you listen to music, do you really listen?  Most of us don’t. I even struggle with this and I know the benefits that can come from engaged listening.  

There are many benefits from listening to music with intention.  You can tap in to more relaxed states of being, lower blood pressure and stress levels, and regulate heart rate. Intentional listening can even help alleviate pain and overcome emotional struggles.  

Over time, training your brain to listen can translate to a more balance life: helping  you learn to genuinely engage with others and listen more effectively.  

Today I challenge you to listen to a piece of music with the intention of hearing  it fully.  Find a comfortable spot, relax, remove all distractions and take five minutes for yourself.  What do you experience when you close your eyes and listen with intention?

 Adagio for Strings is a great 9 minute piece for this exercise….

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