Music as a Connective Force: How do you connect?

Music connects us to something greater.  It connects us on an individual level to our emotions and to our “self.” When playes in a group, it connects us to the other group members.  As a society, we can connect to the meaning of music when it is structured around societal concerns and ideas.

When paired with imagery, music can connect us to our unconscious mind. Without the need to speak, we can work through underlying issues and problems and come out of the imagery in a better psychological state.  The power of music as a connective force is undeniable.

How do you connect with music?  Do you play with a group?  Do you listen with intention? How does it make a difference in your life?

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My Near Death Experience

Many years ago, I had an experience that connected me with the other side.  Here, I speak about that experience and discuss how it changed the way that I view life, death, and my role in this world.

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