I believe that essential oils have taken my music therapy practice to a new level. I’ve learned to pair emotional release exercises and music with Young Living’s essential oils for incredible results. My favorites blends for this are Envision, Clarity, and Magnify Your Purpose. 

My favorite way to incorporate oils is by asking my clients to share an intention for the session. After I suggest several oils with spiritual properties that best match their intention, I lead them through a quick visualization exercise in which they imagine the positive manifestation of their intentionl. I do this while playing an instrumental drone or low-pitched drum, allowing the vibration,  rhythm and aroma to move them deeper into the experience.

My goal is to help people move more into a place of introspection and connection. I want to empower people to find the answers that they hold within. And show them that they are whole and perfect. The oils help me do this. and the response has been INCREDIBLE.

If you are a practitioner and would like to learn more about how to do this, I invite you to join My Facebook Forum. I’ve teamed up with two other practitioners to create a community of support where we are all learning together. It has been wonderful.  Join us 

Music Therapy and Wellness Interview

I'm feeling so honored to have been interviewed this week for Ami Kunimura's blog, The Harmony Resource! Please check it out

“In this interview, Ellen Whealton shares her remarkable journey into music therapy and how she incorporates wellness, meditation, imagery, and essential oils into her practice."


The vagus nerve not only controls the relaxation response in the body, it is a key player in chronic illnesses and inflammatory diseases. Enhancing the responsiveness of the vagus nerve has been shown to greatly reduce chronic pain, regulate blood glucose levels, reduce the likelihood of diabetes, stroke and even cardiovascular disease. 

Music, Imagery and Therapeutic Sound Vibration are non-surgical ways to increase your vagal tone. This is one of the many reasons why music therapy techniques are so effective at relieving pain.

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