PUBLIC Workshops

"Guided Imagery is more than listening to relaxing sounds. It’s a learning process to listen to someone’s voice, relax the breathing and consciously direct the ability to imagine. The effect of guided imagery sends a message to the emotional control center of the brain."

-Mayo Clinic


According to researchers at MIT, the brain responds to imagery as it it were responding to real events in real time. As one learns to use imagery more and more, the mind learns to move deeper and deeper in to the experience each time the imagery is re-introduced.  This can cultivate profound and long term effects.

The combination of deep relaxation, music, sound meditation, and imagery helps my clients reach a state of being where they can tap in to the  power of the mind to bring about insight, balance and clarity. In a truly relaxed state, many have been able to:

• Restore and Renew the Mind

• Enhance Spiritual Connections

• Heal Emotions

• Build Confidence

• Create a Community of Support

• Gain Insight to Long-Standing Life Questions

• Manage Pain

• Find Clarity

• Release Stress in the Body

• Open and Align Chakras


• Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation and Toning

• Deep Relaxation with Imagery and Crystal Singing Bowls

• Unique Music and Imagery Program

• Mandalas

• Music-Based Meditation and Closing

• Specialized use of therapeutic grade essential oils for spiritual awareness

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