04 Oct

Hello, Divine Receiver, which many label as divine feminine. You are here to reveal the shadows and take us into the light. We’ve been working on healing divine masculine all year. Now it’s time to balance our feminine. 

It’s about receptivity. 

As I mentioned a few days ago, we have six planets in retrograde. Everything that is meant to be seen is coming to the surface so we can choose whether to live in fear or love. 

Thank you Divine Feminine for giving us this opportunity to shift ourselves and shift the world. 

Thank you for bringing things to light. ✨💗✨

When I mapped out my meditations for the year (in December of last year), for some reason I could not get past August. I saw clearly that the first 4 months of the year would be “blinders off,”. Then “taking action” for the next 4 months…

Sept-Dec was a blank. 

I know now that I needed to gain insight from our spiritual retreat in Mt Shasta to understand the remainder of the year and the themes for my healing meditations 💪😍

It is clear now. 

There is wounding of the feminine in our culture, and likely in most of us. It’s her turn to heal. 

I found an amazing article today that helps me to understand how to look at my wounded feminine. I wanted to share this so you can also transmute that energy into something powerful and transformative. 

”To examine your wounds surrounding femininity, ask the following questions:


  • What has society taught you about femininity as a male, female, or non-binary/trans?


  • How did your mother model her femininity and what did she teach you (whether directly or indirectly)?


  • What negative core beliefs might you have developed surrounding femininity?


  • What habits and behaviors do you bring into the world that indirectly or directly oppress the Divine Feminine?

Journal about these questions and do some self-reflection. Understanding how you truly feel about feminine energy – from all angles – is vital.

Often we carry old programming that impedes our growth and maturation. The only way to move through these blocks is to see right through them.

For example, common negative conditioned beliefs include the notion that women should always be pretty, good at everything, never age, have a perfect body, be submissive to men, be meek and emotionally-restrained, and please everyone. (There are many other negative ideas out there – these are just a few common examples.)

However, your personal wounds might be totally different.

For example, if you were raised with an engulfing helicopter mother, you might fear women and see them as fundamentally dangerous. If your mother was manic-depressive, you might unconsciously perceive all women to be chaotic, unsafe, and unreliable. Try to examine both your personal and wider societal context. 

Learn more here: https://lonerwolf.com/divine-feminine/

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