04 Oct

Let’s talk about memory of pain and past transgressions and how holding on to memories can negatively affect  our spiritual evolution. 

I am lucky, in a way, because my head injury and Near Death Experience helped me develop a type of superpower. I forget alot of the hurtful things that have happened with others in life. As a result, I don’t hold grudges, I get to live in the moment. 

You may think this is a flaw. Maybe, to some it would be. 

But the way I see it, it helps me stay closer to Divine love. 

Why?  Because I tend to see the best in people and treat them as if they are acting from love. I tend to give lots of chances. I tend to give the benefit of the doubt. I assume the best. No grudges. No holding people to an old standard. No seeing people through a distorted lens. 

I get to live in love as much as possible. 

I get to be present. 

I get to release memories of the mistakes people made when they were in pain or growing. 

And yes it might be painful sometimes, as it leaves me a little more vulnerable. And many don’t see it as a gift. They see me as naive. 

But for me? It’s not about that. And they can think what they want. 🙏🙏🙏

I get to live a life where I choose not to view the world through the lens of my wounding or the wounding of others. I get to see people rise through forgiveness. I get to love more fully, more powerfully.

Am I perfect?  No way. I make mistakes with this, but as a whole, this is how I choose to live. 

It all started decades ago for me. I don’t remember much from before my head injury (age 12). Because of this, the minute I woke from the coma, I was forced to live in the present. I quickly learned to see people in their energy. It was about how they radiated. Not necessarily what they said or did. 

My brain didn’t need the space it took to hold on to the shortcomings of others. I was focused on healing. 

In addition to that, when I experienced the light and love from the other side, I also knew how little all that stuff mattered. What really matters is each other. Seeing and valuing each other. Helping each other grow. 

To me, it was a gift. It was freeing. 

What does this have to do with ascension? And the Golden Age upon us?

Glad you asked. 😂😂As we move into this new realm of spiritual existence, some are noticing this same phenomenon. People are forgetting more of their pre-dark-night-of-the-soul existence. My clients speak of it all the time. 

There’s more space for love. More space for compassion. Our minds are not caught up in the dense energy of division and anger. 

If it’s happening to you, you are not crazy. It’s part of your evolution. ✨✨✨

You are not the same as you were. You are better. You have grown. Expanded.

Your gift is now moving into the present. After all, if you can’t remember the pain that led you to your old ways, you have less of a chance of falling into the patterns that kept you at low vibration. 

Your past is the Old. The Old is gone. Being in the NOW is the new world. 💗✨💗✨

I’ve seen people make complete and permanent shifts in their lives. They shine more light, are growing and expanding through deep spiritual work, and are contributing to the collective in a completely different way. It’s beautiful! 

Now, I want to know….Have you noticed this in your life?  What has your growth been like this year? Have you witnessed changes in others in your life circle?

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