04 Oct

I had a vision in 2020 that I’d visit Mt Shasta someday. 🏔 💜

Last Sept, I witnessed spiritual transformation beyond all expectation. I am honored to share it here. I’m shaking as I write this. I am so thankful this is my life and my path. My near death experience was just the beginning. We are surrounded by light and I want to honor the light by acknowledging it. ✨✨✨

I didn’t know how or when it’d happen, but was told it would bring profound insights and direction to my life. 

The message became more clear over time and I had a vision that I’d visit a water source in Mt Shasta that combined the properties of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine. 🌊🏔

But when Leeyen and Anela and I planned the retreat, we couldn’t find a source of water that matched this vision. I continued to received the message it would happen. I waited patiently. 

We planned each day with an excursion to sacred sites. We hiked to sacred caves, ascension rock, healing waters and waterfalls.  We stargazed from the top of a mountain. We even found lakes boosted by legends of spiritual healings. They were all magical, but no water source matched what I was shown. 

I had faith. Every time I met someone local, I asked “Is there a place where divine masculine and feminine waters converge?” No one knew of a source nearby. 

Then the universe answered. 🙏💜

Monday, the second full day of the retreat, we decided to plan an impromptu visit to a retreat center named Hestia. We’d originally looked into booking it for our group, but it was booked. 

Their booking fell through and they offered us an unprecendted day pass, even though they never offer day passes to their land. They asked the land about us and the land responded “yes.”

Hestia is an incredibly powerful place that is said to hold the energy of the root center of the Earth, similarly to the energy of Mt Shasta, itself. 

We traveled there for the day. We sang, journaled, meditated, took part in natural cold plunges. We danced, gave gratitude, played music, held sacred circles near the yurts and different energetic centers of the land, and walked the labyrinths and the land as part of our vision quest. 

It couldn’t have come at a better time in my life or Neil’s, as we were both searching for new direction. We knew we wanted to build something together to support others in their spiritual expansion, but didn’t know what it would look like. 

We were guided.The universe answered again. 

A chance discussion with the caretakers of the land led us to the place: The place I was shown. 

This was the place I’d been waiting lifetimes to find. 

Yes. I said Lifetimes. 💗💗💗

We called it The Convergence. 

It was a place where two streams of water flowed together to meet in a large steam. One stream flowing in held properties of The Divine Masculine, the other held the energies of the Divine Feminine. We confirmed this with the caretakers of the land. 

We planned to hike to the convergence as part of our sacred day. 

Neil and I hiked to it first. 

The moment we got there, I felt the energy. I knew I was home. As I write this, I still feel the lightness and vibrant energy in by body. It was pure, absolute magic. I knew at once, this place represents where we came from and where we are going. ✨💜🌍

I believe that the merging of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine has recently happened on Earth. We hold both within us and now are stepping into a Golden Age where we can live together, lifting each other up. Yes, we are now looking at the shadow. Yes, it is challenging. Yes, it is pushing us to something better. I promise.

We all washed each other’s feet with salt scrub infused with rose oil when we made it to the convergence. Each participant held a role. Vila found the space and facilitated the calling in of our Higher Presence, the I AM in each of us. 

Jenn found the sacred stone and translated the sounds of the Earth and cosmos. Anela blessed and cleared the land in true Hawaiian magic and she brought in our ancestral energies, Leeyen, held sacred space nurturing our humans. She brought the gift of honoring the path we walk as humans. Nathalie honored the sacredness of the water, reaching us that water is evolving with us during this time to bring healing. Sharing how we can imprint our feelings and love into the water that nourishes us. Marilyn brought her wisdom and guidance, holding space and witnessing all that she has brought in for us through the work of the years. Becky nourished our bodies and held us at high frequencies with the ingredients we chose and the love she put into her cooking. Neil

Held space for the Divine Feminine by staying present in his Divine Masculine, honoring us all through service and his loving heart. 

Neil and I hiked to it first.  I remember thinking we should go back for the group, but he led me forward, knowing they would find us. 

I stood there, taking it all in. It was better than I imagined. He recorded my response. We held each other. I was in awe. We turned around to find the group joining us.


We all scrubbed each other’s feet with Himalayan salts infused with Rose Oil. We washed each other’s feet in the water. We gave and we received. It was a beautiful exchange.Then, at the bridge of the two waters, I stood up and called on my higher presence to speak. Leeyen and Anela invited me to speak the truth of my Presence. I’d never have done so without their support. I live in gratitude for their guidance. 

They recorded the message and maybe someday I’ll share it, but this is how it came to me. Please know this is my truth and it is up to you to determine your truth in the world:

“Everything we’ve ever done, the whole journey of mankind has been leading to now. We’ve tried many times before to get to this place. We have leveled up, finally. Beyond all expectation, and Source is grateful for that.”

This is the time we get to live the way we want to live. 

It won’t be without challenges

It won’t be without shedding the density. 

But we can have faith and we can believe. 

We can take messages of hope to others. 

We can live without fear. Without war. Without hurting each other. 

We are powerful and can choose to live in love. 

We are loved.”

I took this as a reminder to live in gratitude and love. To have faith that even when things seem hard, as they did for me last week, there is a greater plan. And I can continue to choose love over fear. 💗💗💗💗

And from this, came a new vision for the evolution of my career. This is something Neil and I will create together. 

We will officially announce it soon, but you read through this whole post and I want you to know about it. 

It has to do with taking groups of people to different spiritual places on the planet to connect inward, recalibrate, remember and recharge so participants can return home to help the world transition to a New Earth. 

A new Golden age. ✨🌍💗

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