04 Oct

Did you feel it? Another “shift” happened on the Solstice. It’s preparation for a new year & is happening according to the Divine Plan. 

This was a big one but as always, came with unimaginable wisdom and an opportunity for a huge release. 💗🙏✨

To me, It felt as if old wounds resurfaced for review. But this time, the shadows developed into thoughts that tried to pull me back to an old version of me

I saw things in my current world that reminded me of when I was unvalued: A time when I wasn’t in my power. 

I felt anger. (Something I don’t often feel.) It was so strange. 

Hadn’t I released this?  

I felt upset at myself. I’d allowed myself to be minimized and shamed. I’d allowed another to fill me with fear and the incessant need for approval. 

It was a “thought prison.”

I was so caught up in it that I forgot that I am No longer that person. I have worked to heal those parts of myself & have distanced myself from people that brought me down. I’ve created a new existence. 

But that night, as I sat with it, I transmuted it. I released it & set myself back on course. 

You see, these shadows reveals parts of the self that have still hold a charge. And right now, we are swiftly releasing so we can usher in a new way of being. If you’ve been taken into a thought prison or have faced challenges since the Solstice, this might be your opportunity to build a better future. 

I’ve come to believe that another wave of light has come to support us on the planet. I call them ascension waves. It may sound nuts, but it seems to be in alignment with what other spiritual philosophers are noticing.

I remember becoming the light when I went to the other side. In that moment, I knew without a doubt that there is something greater guiding us. There is a reason that we are all here right now. 

Big things are happening. You are part of it. 

If you are experiencing challenges, you are not alone. Keep choosing love, and practice a continual loving release of old energy!  There are beautiful things on the other side of this. 



Thanks Cosmic Gaia Shift for the beautiful art. 

How about you?  Did you feel it?

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