04 Oct

Did you know that different sounds can have a profound effect on our bodies? By using our voice through a process called toning, we can move energy out of our physical form, allowing it to be dissipated and released. This practice is incredibly powerful for bringing balance and vibration back into our lives, especially when we’re holding onto emotions and spiritually stuck energy in our body.

For example, the sound “UH” is the sound of grounding and connecting with the earth, while the sound “OOO” is the sound of nurturing and compassion.

The sound “OH” brings warrior energy, autonomy, and purpose back into our lives, while the sound “AH” is the heart sound, which helps us send and receive love. The sound “AYE” is how we release any stuck energy around our voice or manifested through our words of wisdom and speech.

Lastly, the sound “EE” is the sound of intuition and connection to source wisdom through our physical form, while the sound “I” (eye) connects us directly to source energy and the greater vibrations that bring us light, love, and connection. So, the next time you’re feeling out of balance, try toning with these sounds and see how it can shift your energy!

Thank you, Marilyn Marshall, for inspiring me to share this.

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