04 Oct

We are in a new consciousness. If you’ve been doing your work, you’ll notice that you are not the same person you were year ago. 💗

Last year, I created a meditation experience with Natalie based on visions for 2022. Each month we followed the arc of what came through to me in Dec 2021. (Link to meditation group in comments)

I don’t by any means claim to have the answers, but it sure is fun to consider this stuff! Ever since my near death experience at the age of 12, I’ve been diving into transpersonal work. The more I learn and share with other energy workers, the more I am convinced these things are not coincidence or “out there” 

I thought it might be fun for a little review of what came to me a year ago and share some of the spiritual surprises that showed up along the way. A spiritual year in review. 💗🙌✨

This is my interpretation, so please read it with that in mind. Always return to your Presence and interpretation as the final authority. 💗

Here goes…

🥰It was a JUICY spiritual year! We collectively chose the light December 21, 2021, which meant 2022 was much about confronting the shadow to choose love and find the golden light underneath. 

Here is how it came to me back then: 

🌏 Jan-April 2022 was about “removing the blinders” to see things more clearly. 

🌝 May-August was a healing the Divine Masculine parts of ourselves through action and through the love and alchemy of the Divine Feminine. 

💫I couldn’t get a clear read on Sept-Dec for some reason but now I know why. The shift happened! Some call this the merging of timelines. 

It happened some time around the beginning of September. You can read more about this online, but basically the many versions of ourselves merged into one. We upleveled. We integrated. And now, we get to begin to create our future. All in alignment with source. We stepped out of the cocoon into a new world. 

In July, something cool happened!  Quite Unexpected. On or around July 14th (after the healing occurred with divine masculine and feminine), it felt as though a massive wave of light came through. It was as if we received more of our soul energy in our human body. 

Magic. But not without some bumps. Things got crazy in the two months following. Not crazy bad, but it may have felt that way for awhile. 😂

The message was that we are being “pushed” out of the nest as a collective. 

We faced the shadow so we can continue to choose love 💗 over fear 😧 . This shadow is a big one. Might feel like the end of the world. The Dark Night of the Soul. Think about it. How many people do you know dealing with this stuff?  It’s not an accident. It’s an opportunity. Choose love. Even when it’s hard. 

As we choose love over and over again, we get to advance in our spiritual evolution. 🙌🙌 We get to create Heaven on Earth. 

This is when we step in to that 5D world everyone talks about. We move faster when we choose love faster. When we surrender and trust. When we release it all to a Greater power. 

We are basically moving from spiritual toddlerhood to adolescence. Growing up. 👏👏👏

Is it easy? No. 

Is it pretty? No. 

But it is necessary. 

Like a magnet, source has pulled everything to the surface so we can look at it & make the

Collectively, we are choosing the light! 💡 

We are now being gifted with waves of assistance from Source. With each wave, we receive more expansion, more love, more light.

I see 2023 as a release year, Leading into an even greater collective awakening. This is why many are being called to assist with ancestral healing. My clients come in for one thing and leave having had visions of healing their entire family, past, present and future. The ancestral healing feels like the final piece of the human puzzle. It helps us let go faster, as holding on to the past hinders our ability to step into love. 

Forgiveness is taking center stage. 

I believe more cosmic support will come in in 2023. What was unseen, will now be seen. People will believe more in the powerof Source and will have their own intuitive abilities blossom. Many will choose love because love is the only way to tap into our true gifts.  Love is our true power. 💗💗💗

As more light comes through, there might be more shadow revealed but  those who have come before will help. And by seeing the shadow, we can choose another way entirely. 

Basically, keep choosing love. Lean in to every situation with love. Steer clear of fear.

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