Breathwork, Cold Plunge & Stretch Class

Are you interested in Breathwork & cold plunges but want an expert to guide you through the process? Would you prefer to practice breathwork in a private setting with more individualized instruction? This weekly class will help you learn the benefits of these practices in a gentle, powerful, personalized way. You will alternate between cold and hot tub plunges, where the temperature of the cold plunge is not as cold[…]

Crystal Singing Bowls, Breathwork and Shamanic Music Journeying

Call in messages from the light by connecting to your Higher Presence, Guides, Ascended Masters, & Light Beings. You will learn to use the power of the breath to bring the body more fully into alignment & will journey outside of your body to REMEMBER how powerful you are.  Integrate and heal your Divine Masculine and Feminine Energy, you can achieve all types of spiritual healing.  Ellen and Neil will[…]