Hello folks,

This is Ellen Whealton!

After close to xx months of writing and editing, my e-new book, Name of the book, is launching soon!
The book recalls my childhood near-death experiences with angelic messages at the end of each chapter. It is an account of how I came into my spiritual gifts, how I help others experience their own connection to Heaven, and how we are being divinely guided into a new golden age of awareness, light, peace, and love.

If you are excited for this launch as much as I am, then

Pre-book your copies in advance,
so you can get your hands on the e-book as soon as it is launched!

I specialise in altered states of consciousness work and use unique modalities such as journeying through music and sound, crystal singing bowls, essential oils, breathwork, guided imagery, aromatherapy, reiki, and meditation practices. I use insight and intuitive gifts from my near-death experience to support clients in receiving guidance from Source.

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