@ 2:00PM-4PM
COST: $40

Crystal Singing Bowls, Breathwork and Shamanic Music Journeying

Call in messages from the light by connecting to your Higher Presence, Guides, Ascended Masters, & Light Beings. You will learn to use the power of the breath to bring the body more fully into alignment & will journey outside of your body to REMEMBER how powerful you are.

Integrate and heal your Divine Masculine and Feminine Energy, you can acheive all types of spiritual healing. Ellen and Neil will help you balance divine messages with those from human consciousness so you can see powerful shifts in your life. Use this opportunity to receive guidance, reduce stress, reconnect with your place of power, cultivate manifestation practices, relax, and connect with something greater. Come alone to honor yourself or bring friends and journey together. You’ll leave this class feeling happier, more grounded and more connected to your body. .

Ellen will lead the kids through a powerful experience of visualization and calling in the light. Ellen will also lead a dynamic discussion of the visualizations that the kids experienced and what it could mean in relation to their life. This will be a beautiful bonding experience for kids and parents.

Space is limited. Click photo on left to register or Venmo Ellen to reserve your spot: @Ellen-Whealton

APRIL 1ST, 15TH & 29TH
MAY 6TH, 13TH, 20TH
JUNE 3RD, 10TH, 17TH & 24TH
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Monday Breathwork, Cold Plunge & Stretch Classes

Are you interested in Breathwork & cold plunges but want an expert to guide you through the process? Would you prefer to practice breathwork in a private setting with more individualized instruction?

This weekly class will help you learn the benefits of these practices in a gentle, powerful, personalized way. You will alternate between cold and hot tub plunges, where the temperature of the cold plunge is not as cold as the traditional ice plunges you’ve read about.

You will also experience a stretch class to help you increase the oxygenation in the blood and enhance your results. Neil’s proprietary practice also adds the element of tailored stretch-work, so you can fully benefit from this body-based practice.

Each week will have a different focus and may include other modalities such as guided meditations, additional stretching opportunities, sound vibration and various different breathwork techniques.

Whether your goal is to cope with stress, pain, chronic issues, grounding or a deeper connection to self, this is the perfect class for you.

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Parent & Kid Bowls & Breathwork Classes

Join our delightful breathwork & singing bowl workshop circles with your kids! The cost is only $30 per person and will give you powerful insight into the life experience of your little ones!

During these circles, Ellen calls in the light with singing bowls and guided meditations, followed by a dynamic discussion with the group.

Neil shares basic introductory breathwork techniques to help the kids ground and connect more to their bodies. It is a beautiful bonding experience for kids and parents, alike!

April 6th, 4:00PM. Space is limited.

Click photo on left to register or or venmo Ellen to reserve your spot: @Ellen-Whealton

COST: $40

Candlelight Breathwork & Singing Bowls at Solterra Winery - Encinitas

You’ll be blown away by the rich acoustics in the wine room of Solterra Winery! You’ll move into deep states of relaxation through the embodiment of sound vibration, breathwork to music, and powerful guided visualizations.

Many come to relax, renew and toreceive messages from their higher presence. Ellen & Neil skillfully guide you to connect with your unconscious to release all that no longer serves you.

You’ll learn to connect directly to your higher Presence & recognize the divine light within you. Through a masterfully guided integration for this experience, you will create powerful, positive shifts in your life. Use this opportunity to receive divine guidance, powerful energy for manifestation, and connect with something greater.

Come for a night alone to honor yourself or bring friends to journey together. It’s the perfect experience for those who want to connect on a spiritually transformative level.

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COST: $150

Learn to Play Crystal Singing Bowls

Ellen is a Board Certified Music Therapist with a Masters in Counseling Psychology. She had a Near-Death Experience as a child and came out of a coma to music. In her adult life, she has facilitated crystal singing bowl experiences for thousands of participants, including celebrities and psychics to the stars.

She has created a process that is cathartic, powerful and full of high vibe, positive energy, using positive psychology techniques, altered states of consciousness, frequency and energy work.

Join this class to learn how to use crystal singing bowls, visualisation, and other modalities to increase your frequency, lead singing bowl workshops intuitively and connect to your higher self. You will walk away from this course knowing how to lead with confidence, play the bowls in the most powerful way, and overlay different positive psychology techniques to enhance the experience for all who attend your circles.


Healing with the Divine Angels with Kimberly Meredith & Ellen

Experience healing power from the magnificent Angelic Realm!

Join Kimberly Meredith, Medical Intuitive Medium Healer, and Ellen Whealton, Angel Intuitive & Shamanic Sound Healer, for an afternoon of deep healing & connection with your Divine Angels! Learn how to connect with your higher presence, receive Divine Guidance, and cultivate powerful energy for manifestation.

Receive messages from the angels and possibly loved ones who have crossed over as you are immersed in the healing power of love and light. You’ll be immersed in sound vibration, “journeying” to music, and receive Angelic messages from Source. You’ll learn to balance Divine Messages with consciousness to create powerful shifts in your life.

Kimberly will also demonstrate her mediumship readings.

This is a warm, loving, guided experience of healing with the Angels

Ellen and Kimberly will close the evening with a beautiful crystal bowl protection prayer.

Click Photo on right or visit the following website to register

Healing with the Divine Angels with Kimberly Meredith & Ellen Wier