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Your Sacred Space is an interactive forum and community of light workers, where you will learn to  harness your spiritual power and channel your energy to manifest your deeply held desires. Your Sacred Space allows you to reconnect with your divine self using sound, light, music, guided meditation, prayer and powerful energy practices to co-create with source. 

Each week brings a new singing bowl meditation from Ellen, with angel messages about the state of the world and how to stay in the light amidst the struggles of the day to day. She calls in various rays of light to heal and bring light to your life. Many leave feeling enlightened and hopeful, and she teaches all participants how to call in more guidance from Source. She also guides you on how to understand the messages that come through. 




What is Your Sacred Space?

Your Sacred Space is a membership and community to support you in creating a consistent spiritual practice. It is a powerful way to enhance your light and your impact on the world.

As a member, you will receive a powerful tool box of resources and personalized guidance to help you reach and maintain a more consistently high vibration. You will also receive a weekly healing from the light and guidance of your own higher presence.

Make 2023 the year you reap the benefits of a consistent spiritual practice

You can interact with Ellen 1:1, as the community is built to give you that ongoing guidance and love. She will drop personal angel messages to those who interact with her videos and everyone in the group receives discounts to Ellen’s events. This group is her only closed group, therefor member will be the first to hear about her new projects.

A Monthly Gift of Peace and Insight

Each week you will receive 3-4 light activating meditations and access to information designed to help you recognize messages from your higher self, connect you more with the light and give you unique tools and resources to add to your spiritual tool kit.

What to Expect:

Each month there will be a theme to our meditations, sound healing and spiritual classes.

Sacred Practice

Essential Oils


Included in the Membership:

Meet Your Guide: Ellen Whealton

I am a Music Therapist, Spiritual coach, and sound healing practitioner. I experienced a near-death experience at age 12 after being kicked in the head by a horse.

During that time, I experienced tremendous spiritual lessons before being drawn back to my body by music.

I help people connect to their higher self through high-frequency modalities like music, crystal singing bowls, essential oils, angel messages, altered states of consciousness work, reiki, and meditation techniques.

We came together to create this because we have both experienced and witnessed the life-changing power of consistent spiritual practice and co-creating with source energy. We are honored to combine our tools, gifts, and experiences to help you find Your Sacred Space.

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