We experience stages in personal development where we go through a difficult and significant transition to a deeper perception of life and our place in it. This is usually accompanied by a painful shedding of identity, relationship, career, habit, or belief system that previously allowed us to construct meaning in life.

Many are experiencing it right now, post-pandemic

Though this phase is often misdiagnosed as depression or other mental illness, to the trained eye, it is actually an opportunity to jump-start a powerful reunion with the spiritual self.

Working with me in a 1:1 session, allows the opportunity to clear anything that may have led us from our spiritual purpose on Earth.

I walk alongside as clients connect with their higher presence. I hold the light and help transmute the shadow and dense energy. I use vibrational tools, music, imagery and help people move into deep altered states of consciousness to provide a new way of interacting with the world and the Divine.

I also facilitate angel messages, light, and divine love. You will receive ongoing support after the session so you can integrate fully. I will teach you powerful follow up tools to use for protection, grounding positive manifestation.

For more support, I also offer spiritual coaching.

Many clients notice the shift right away within 3-10 days: Shifts include feelings of luckiness, synchronicity and more fulfillment, actualization of calling in love, career opportunities, or a feeling of reconnection to Source energy, lightness, and a reminder of why they are here on earth.

Private Sessions